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Preparing Your App For iOS 12 Notifications

by Kaya Thomas

With the launch of iOS 12, there are several new notification features such as new authorization options, dynamic quick actions and user interaction within notifications. Learn more about how to implement these features and if they are right for your …

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Take A New Look At CSS Shapes

by Rachel Andrew

In this article, we take a look at CSS Shapes and how to create non-rectangular shapes using images, gradients, and basic shapes. We also discover how the new tools in Firefox make editing shapes easier.

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A Brief Guide About Competitive Analysis

by Mayur Kshirsagar

In order for a product to succeed, designers should know their competition and collect as much data as possible. Competitive analysis is one of the ways to get this data and to create a user-friendly product.

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Building A Room Detector For IoT Devices On Mac OS

by Alvin Wan

In this tutorial, you build a desktop app that predicts which room you’re in using a simple machine learning algorithm: least squares. The code applies to any platform, but we only provide dependency installation instructions for Mac OSX.

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SmashingConf New York 2018

The hunt for shiny front-end & UX treasures has begun! Performance, PWA, Vue.js, Webpack to Design Workflow, DesignOps and Variable Fonts. With Monica Dinculescu, Dan Mall, Jason Grigsby, Sara Soueidan and many others.

Explore all speakers and topics → Welcome SmashingConf New York 2018, with everything on Performance, PWA, Vue.js, Webpack to Design Workflow, DesignOps and Variable Fonts.

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Jeremy Wagner, the person of the week

Person Of The Week

Jeremy Wagner is a developer, writer, and speaker from Minnesota. He’s the author of The WebP Manual, an eBook dedicated to the new image format and how to use it, as well as of the book Web Performance in Action, a web developer’s guide for creating fast websites. You can find him on Twitter as @malchata or on the web at Thanks for helping us speed up the web, dear Jeremy!

Design Systems

Is your pattern library up to date today? Alla Kholmatova has just finished a fully fledged book on Design Systems and how to get them right. With common traps, gotchas and the lessons she learned. Hardcover, eBook. Just sayin'.

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